Current Tools

I get asked all the time to share recommendations for software. Here’s a quick overview of some suggested + favorite tools I’m using at present (along with a short explanation) across my work and personal life.

I use Folk, a great CRM, for just about everything. Whether keeping track of companies I work with or maintaining a database of my favorite investors, this is just an endlessly useful, very well-built, and powerful piece of software that is productively integrated with Gmail, LinkedIn and beyond. Plus it’s always improving: they recently added automated email campaigns. Definitely give it a try!

Felt is an amazing new and powerful map-making tool that enables you to easily build and share beautiful, sophisticated maps with your friends. I’ve recently been creating guides to our favorite vacation spots 🏝️

Need to build a form for something? Tally is so good at this. It’s like the NRBQ of software…this team made zero mistakes creating this product.

More soon…

[Note: Some of these are affiliate links, which will get you (and me) a discount!]